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Flyer Samstag, 29. Juli 2017
23 Uhr

Tsunami Club
Im Ferkulum 9, Köln

15 years of Kinky Indie Birthday Bash

Kinky Indie is 15! Let's celebrate! We invite you to free "Shampus mit Lachsfisch", some snacks and of course another nite of top-notch KinkyIndie-Music from all eras.

It started all back in 2002 in a former jazz cellar in Aachen. It developed from a small club evening with friends playing their favourite tunes into 10 years of wild and roaring clubnites in different AC locations. In July 2012 the Kinky Indie crew entered Cologne and the Tsunami for the first time. And the Tsunami Club became the new home base of the DJ event. Thus, on July 29, 2017, we also celebrate 5 years of Kinky Indie in Cologne.
Over the 15 years the Kinky Indie trademark sound as well as our passion haven't really changed:
. All the years, the sound remained Indie from BritPop to GarageRock and Indietronics with some sidesteps. Even though some bands, which now belong to the canon of every nite, weren't formed in 2002.
. It's always our claim to mix the different eras and play indie classics out of the 80s and earlier up to contemporary sounds and recently released records.
. And it's also always our claim to mix hymns and dancefloor-fillers with personal favourites and underground hits.
. We are traditionalists! Every tune is carefully selected and played by hand, mostly with vinyl records! No playlist-laptop-bullshit...

So, come over to celebrate the 15/5 year anniversary. Grab some free champagne on dance to your/our favourite songs until the light goes on.

Modern life is kinky!

BritPop, IndieRock, NeoGarage, SwedenSounds, IndieTronics

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